** Update 5/21/2020 **

To keep our guests healthy,  please read this update to our restrictions. Lodging is available. There are 2 individual public restrooms available for use that are located near the pool.  Self-contained camping units are encouraged. Our Holiday Shores Beach is open with social distancing measures in place. The Wibits inflatable floating playground is not in the water. The Inflatable park remains closed. Our other playgrounds are now open with social distancing measures in place.

The State of Wisconsin has officially recognized campgrounds as essential businesses that may open under the Stay-at-Home order with special requirements. Campgrounds can remain open only if campers carefully follow social distancing and other sanitary protocols as follows:

1. Holiday Shores Campground & Resort will be open as of May 14, 2020, for  Campers. The Campground will offer either curbside check-in or check-in over the phone before arrival.

2. Only independent camping units (units that have on-board bathrooms and water) will be allowed. Tents or campers that do not have self contained waste management systems will NOT be allowed.

3. Campers are required to maintain social distancing at all times. Campers will maintain at least 6 feet distance between all individuals to the maximum extent possible. All private gatherings of any number of people are prohibited. Only one family household may occupy a site (6 people maximum). Other visitors will not be allowed per the safer-at-home order.

4. Bathhouses and showers will be closed. A limited number of public bathrooms will be open starting May 21, 2020. The public bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized according to the CDC’s recommended protocol and schedule.

5. The store will sell firewood, groceries and other supplies. All sales will be handled by phone or email and guests will pick up their order outside the store.

6. Campers are encouraged to gas up before leaving home and to bring trash bags, food and supplies with them from home to minimize the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus.

7. Campers who decide to visit/stay at Holiday Shores Campground are aware that Holiday Shores Campground cannot guarantee that the sanitary and other measures employed by Holiday Shores Campground will prevent COVID 19 or any other infectious disease. Campers agree that they visit/stay at Holiday Shores Campground at their own risk. Campers agree that Holiday Shores Campground is not liable to Campers for infections sustained or experienced by the Camper. Camper also agrees that in the event that Holiday Shores Campground determines it is necessary to ask Camper or Camper’s group or guests to leave the Campground, Camper will immediately and peacefully leave the Campground.

Holiday Shores Campground & Resort reserves the right to update and amend these guidelines during the 2020 camping season.

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